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Lindgren Plays Lindgren - Daring and Interesting

Here trumpeter Lasse Lindgren plays music from Astrid Lindgren’s stories. We can hear tunes that we have heard many times before, written mainly by Georg Riedel but also by Jan Johansson, Bengt Hallberg, Benny Andersson, Björn Isfält and Ulf Björlin. Besides Lasse’s trumpet and flugelhorn we can hear Tommy Kotter, piano, Peter Jansson, bass, and David Sundby, drums.

The recording is made with sensitive ears by sound engineer Åke Linton in December 2002. The idea of using these tunes as a basis for jazz interpretation is both daring and interesting. Many of them have become established in our consciousness in a particular special version but this quartet gives them new colours and sounds. Just listen to the blues feeling in ”Fattig Bonddräng” or the intimate bass playing of Peter Janson in ”Mio Min Mio”.

Lasse Lindgrens brassy trumpet is full of enthusiasm and ”Du käre lille snickarbo” gets a swinging interpretation. His flugelhorn is more round at the edges and ”Ge mig mera köttbullar” becomes a warm samba after an introduction by Tommy Kotter who throughout the CD plays with a personality all his own. He opens up the music and gives it new depth.

Here undoubtedly is jazz for for both young and grown-up ears. The quartet plays with tight precision and Tommy Kotter’s inquisitive piano playing makes this CD definitely worth the price.

Torsten Eckerman