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Lindgren sparkles

West coast trumpeter Lasse Lindgren has flipped! But what a good idea it was to to do jazz versions of all the good music from the films and TV series of Astrid Lindgren’s stories! Some of the best musicians in the country were engaged in that process – Jan Johansson, Georg Riedel, Bengt Hallberg and Benny Andersson to name some of them.

Lasse Lindgren, with a background in the Danish Radio Big Band is truly a competent player, but obviously also a man with a gleam in his eye. He interprets this music completely respectlessly, unconventionally and with much humour. The different characteristics of each tune are given their own treatment in a jazz fashion.

All the musicians in this constellation are on the same wavelength. Besides Lasse Lindgren they are pianist Tommy Kotter, bass player Peter Janson and drummer David Sundby. With energy and musicality the well-known songs are given new life.

It really sparkles around Pippi, Emil, Kalle Teodor, Sjorövar Fabbe and everyone at Saltkråkan, not to mention many other figures.

Stig Johansson