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Daredevils who Master the Craft

Lasse Lindgren Constellations : In the Mood for Standards

If you can’t find anything else to record you can always take some standards and it will seldom be wrong. In fact it can be extremely good as in the case of Lasse Lindgren Constellations who are right on the target with tunes like Bluesette, Summertime, Body and Soul, Puttin’ on the Ritz, In the Mood and others.

Here Lasse Lindgren plays with three groups, Big Constellation, Hip Bop Constellation and Quartet Constellation, in other words with groups containing a different number of musicians. It is a question of taste which group you prefer, perhaps according to your mood. The quartet makes beautiful music, the large group has an enormous power and the Hip Bop group swings.

Lasse Lindgren sets his sights high with his trumpet, not least in Summertime. Give yourself time to listen to Lasse Lindgren Constellations, you can’t go wrong. These are daredevils who master the craft.

Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten