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Ernie's Gift

Ernie Garside donates Maynard Fergusons Conn Constellation to a Swedish trumpet player for the UltimateTribute

As no doubt many of you know I was trumpet player and manager for the truly great trumpet legend MAYNARD FERGUSON. I first met Maynard in 1967 and you might say "I recycled him" during my 9 years in the above post.

Since Maynard's passing in August last year I have been inundated with many many wonderful trumpet artists asking me to form a Ferguson tribute band, but up to now I have not felt the urge to attempt what appears to be a monumental task. BUT THEN I HEARD A MOST REMARKABLE trumpeter, not from The United States but from Sweden, Scandinavia.

This fabulous musician impressed me so much that I made him a present of Maynard’s Conn Constellation trumpet – the horn that Maynard gave me shortly after we first met and the instrument with which he made most of his great recordings during the late 50s and mid 60s.

On top of that I copied for him a number of arrangements for what we now know as THE BIG CONSTELLATION – You must be wondering by now who this fabulous brassman is and what is he called ?

His name is LASSE LINDGREN. The band is THE LASSE LINDGREN BIG CONSTELLATION. The Ultimate Tribute to Maynard Ferguson. Definitely a new trumpet name and one to be watched –– the best is yet to come.

Ernie Garside

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