Lindgren spelar Lindgren

1 Alla ska sova för nu är det natt 2 Lasse trillar i sjön 3 Lasse fångar uroxar 4 Sov alla 5 Sjörövar Fabbe 6 Ge mej mera köttbullar 7 Här kommer Pippi Långstrump 8 Vi på Saltkråkan 9 Lilla katt 10 När mamma var liten då var hon så rar 11 Mio min Mio 12 Vargsången 13 Sommaren är min 14 Du käre lille snickerbo 15 Kalle Teodor 16 Fattig bonddräng 17 Hujedamej sånt barn han var 18 Opp och nervisan 19 Jag gör så att blommorna blommar

Lindgren spelar Lindgren (Lindgren Plays Lindgren)

”The Astrid Lindgren Song Book” is presented in a form that we hope might please both the growing, as well as the grown-up part of humanity.

”Jag vill aldrig bliva stur…” Pippi Longstockings will never grow up. But for the rest of us, mainly and maybe because of the music, our playfulness and the child within may survive, regardless of age or coming of age in general. There is no other link between Lasse Lindgren and Astrid Lindgren than the common surname. The link is on another level. The magic realm where playfulness and somberness gives life to the world of myth and music.

Lasse Lindgren Quartet Constellation: Lasse Lindgren, trumpet and cornet, Tommy Kotter, piano, Peter Janson, bass and David Sundby, drums.

Praise from the Critics

"The idea of using these tunes as a basis for jazz interpretation is both daring and interesting. Many of them have become established in our consciousness in a particular special version but this quartet gives them new colours and sounds." (TORSTEN ECKERMAN)

"I myself didn’t believe that jazz versions of ”Här kommer Pippi Långstrump”, ”Sjörövar Fabbe”, ”Lille katt”, and ”Jag gör så att blommorna blomma” would make good listening but the fact is that the jazz comes to full bloom in the hands of musicians such as Lindgren, pianist Tommy Kotter, bassist Peter Janson and drummer David Sundby." (UNO OHLSSON)



Released: 2004-10-01

Label: Gazell Records